5 Superman Ways to Multitask

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For sales professionals, multitasking at work is commonplace — and necessary. In the fast-paced professional world, people who cannot act quickly often get left behind. When everyone seems to need your help at once, maintaining focus can feel impossible. With the right multitasking methods, you can juggle numerous tasks without losing focus.

Use Multiple Monitors

When you're switching between projects on your computer, the process of changing programs, windows and tabs can exhaust your brain. If you are multitasking at work, avoid mental overload by installing a second or third monitor to give you more workspace. Use the space to open multiple items at once, and organize each program in a logical order so that it's easier to switch your focus. If you're planning a new-client sales pitch, for example, keep the client's website open on a nearby monitor for easy reference.

Increase New-Information Recall

Multitasking at work can make it difficult to remember new information. When you're bombarded with multiple messages at once, it is a challenge to recall each detail. Avoid letting crucial data slip through the cracks by making time to review new information. During slow periods, don't browse Facebook or let your mind wander. Instead, take a few minutes to read through a sales contract or notes from a call with a potential client. By reviewing the details when your brain is quiet, you are more likely to remember them later.


During a busy work day, it can be difficult to remember what you need to do and when it must be done. A physical reminder, such as a handwritten to-do list, can cut through the digital clutter and keep you on task. At the end of each day, spend five or 10 minutes gathering and prioritizing the tasks for the next day. Write the list on a sticky note or a dry-erase board, and post it in full view of your desk.

Boost Focus

Although it seems counterintuitive, having a single-minded focus can be the key to more effective multitasking at work. When your mind is pulled in 10 different directions, it is impossible to give any one task your best effort. Get more done by putting all of your focus on the task at hand — even if it is for just 15 minutes. Remove or silence all of the distractions that make it difficult to concentrate, such as email alerts, text message tones and phone vibrations. Often, 15 minutes of concentrated effort can have bigger rewards than an hour of distracted work.


Multitasking at work can help you keep up, but even superhero sales professionals have their limits. Taking time during the day to recharge can prevent burnout and help keep your mind clear. At least once a day, take a 10-minute break. Disconnect from technology, leave your office and put yourself in a non-work environment. Go for a walk around the building, or simply stare out of your office window and enjoy the beautiful view. Let your mind wander, and avoid anything that has to do with work. Miniature recharging sessions can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to resume work activities.

Multitasking at work is a necessary evil for most modern sales professionals. By practicing a few effective multitasking methods, you can juggle multiple projects without losing control.


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