6 Tricks to Fight Post-Holiday Fatigue

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A few weeks of holiday celebrations, rest, relaxation and endless sweets can seriously taint your motivation to dive into work. Post-holiday workplace fatigue is common at the beginning of the year, and employees need workplace motivation techniques to increase productivity. Avoid falling into a slump that can affect your performance and the company's bottom line. Instead, tackle your job tasks with vigor using a few simple motivating tricks.

Get organized to energize yourself once you return to work after the holidays. Clean off your desk, organize the file cabinet and minimize the stacks of paperwork so you can start off the year with a clean slate. Workplace fatigue is often increased when employees feel overwhelmed and uncertain where to start. A clean workspace indicates a fresh start, which can improve workplace motivation.

Make a to-do list to further organize your work environment. A list of tasks can help focus your mind, provide short-term goals that motivate employees and reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed when returning to the office.

Long-term goals can help alleviate the winter blues too. Create an action plan and set workplace goals, such as task deadlines, sales targets or new marketing strategies. New challenges can boost your morale and your energy level.

Your visions of vacation do not have to end once the holidays are over. Fight workplace fatigue by planning something you can look forward to when returning after the holidays. Make plans for a summer vacation or spring break to break out of that holiday slump. Place a calendar on your desk to mark down the days until you embark on a new journey of rest and relaxation.

Celebrate small successes to fight workplace fatigue at any time of the year. Compile a self-evaluation of your work performance from the previous year. A detailed list of how you met the needs of clients, reached sales goals and conquered financial reports may boost your spirits and motivate you to accomplish even more in the new year following the holiday. Be honest and realistic, and note areas of improvement to provide you with workplace goals for the new year.

Find time for yourself during the day to take a walk, meditate or converse with co-workers. Workplace fatigue can increase when employees find themselves immersed in tasks without taking breaks. A moment to refresh your mind and body can increase your productivity throughout the day.Workplace fatigue is often difficult to overcome once the holidays are over. Employees can re-energize themselves and increase productivity with a few simple, daily tasks that serve as reminders of their short-term and long-term goals. Focus on workplace successes so you can continue to excel and succeed without constant reminders that the holidays are long gone.


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