A Winning Sales Proposal Begins with These Five Key Traits

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When it comes time to sell your stellar services or promise products to a potential buyer, a strong sales proposal is vital to closing the deal successfully. If your pitches fall short of the mark, consider these five key traits of a winning sales proposal.

1. It Solves a Problem

In order to make a sale, you first must convince your client that he needs what you're selling. Begin your sales proposal by demonstrating the value your product or service can provide the client. Do your research prior to creating your pitch to determine the appropriate angle to take, then provide testimonials from current customers or credible data to quantify the value of your product.

2. It Allows for Interaction

Your sales proposal should not be a one-way conversation. Leave time in your presentation to hear the customer's questions, and provide honest answers to build a rapport. If the client is concerned about risks, provide benefits that outweigh negative points. Rather than droning on for an hour and showing boring slides, get the customer involved by allowing him to test the products you sell.

3. It Offers Persuasive Data

Few things can drive a sales proposal to a firm, deal-sealing handshake like meaningful numbers. Provide quantifiable data that backs up your products or services. Explain to the customer how your reliable office printers can help save $10,000 per year as a result of reduced ink cartridge costs, lower energy bills and fewer repairs. Show the client how your delivery service can boost repeat sales by 20 percent by providing end customers with fast, safe and reliable shipping.

4. It Incorporates Technology

Give your sales proposal a modern edge by incorporating technology that makes it feel fresh and engaging. Create a PowerPoint presentation that contains more than just bullet-pointed text. Include video reviews from satisfied customers, or direct a demonstration of your products. Make your sales pitch and seal the deal without even meeting the client by harnessing the power of the Internet and social media to attract clients to your company's website.

5. It Feels Professional

Regardless of how you design your sales proposal, make sure the presentation is professional. Create layouts that are clean, uncluttered and easy to follow. Ensure that the theme of your proposal and any included imagery stays consistent with your brand and product or service offerings. Keep your proposal to an appropriate length of time, providing just the necessary details.

By ensuring your sales proposal incorporates these five key traits, you can be on your way to a modern sales pitch that impresses the customer and earns you repeat business. The sales world is highly competitive, so it's important to create proposals that are modern and relevant to stay at the top of your sales game.

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