Are You Mentally Strong?

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Mentally strong people have healthy habits that contribute to their continuous growth and development. These individuals aren't afraid to set themselves apart from the crowd, and they're generally able to manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a way that helps them maintain a positive outlook, even during tough situations. Here are some common traits practiced by mentally strong people that tend to keep them ahead in the game of life.

Persevere Through Difficulties

Mentally strong people persevere when times get tough, even when they're feeling uncomfortable or exhausted. Determination and a strong will keep this person focused on achieving his goals without regard to what others think or say. Even when facing failure, a person with mental fortitude does not give up or feel sorry for himself. If everyone turns their back on him, a mentally strong person continues to move forward.

Shun Negativity

Mentally strong people avoid negativity at all costs. They don't allow others to suck them into negative conversations, and they don't feel bad about ending conversations that suddenly take a negative turn. A mentally strong person distances himself from people who tend to complain or display signs of emotional instability. They make a continuous effort to focus their attention on positive things and people.

Face Fears

A person with mental fortitude is not afraid of facing their fears. This person is not afraid to change, as he understands that the ability to adapt is important and necessary for continuous growth. Mentally tough people are not afraid to face adverse situations, and they often view obstacles as an opportunity to grow personally or professionally. They also face their fears when it comes to taking risks. Mentally strong people don't mind taking smart, calculated risks, and they're not afraid to try again if the risk does not pan out.

Move Past Mistakes

A person with mental strength does not dwell on mistakes or allow his mistakes to determine his emotional state. These people know that focusing on mistakes can lead to negative emotions, which can have a direct impact on their behaviors in other aspects of their lives moving forward. People who are mentally strong have the ability to distance themselves from their mistakes and move forward with confidence while maintaining a positive attitude. They don't forget about the mistakes, however — they just learn from them and then go on without hesitation.

Avoid Passing Judgement

People who are mentally strong don't judge or criticize others in order to make themselves feel better. They don't compare themselves to other people or express jealousy when someone achieves something great. Mentally strong people know that another person's achievements have nothing to do with their own accomplishments, so it has no impact on their sense of self-worth. In fact, mentally strong people joyfully celebrate the successes of others.

Mental fortitude is what separates jealous, pessimistic, stagnant folks from those who are satisfied with their lives and typically go on to achieve great success in their careers. If a mentally strong person experiences defeat, he picks himself up, learns from his mistakes and continues to push forward. Let these traits motivate you to develop into a mentally strong person who quickly moves past adversity and maintains a positive outlook when challenges arise.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Leanne thanks for your comment and so sorry to hear about your plight. Have you talked to your boss about why this happened? Are you looking for another position now? Sounds like it would be best to cut your losses on this current position and get into a position where your talents and skills are appreciated. And this is something you should be doing now. It truly is hard to stay positive when you are working way below your skill level and you are struggling to maintain on half your salary so the sooner you move on, the better. Just make sure, when you interview, that you do NOT bad-mouth your current supervisor or company. I know it's hard not to just berate the company and your boss but you have to remain positive if you want to move on from your toxic situation. You could say that the company had to do some restructuring of personnel along with their salaries and you were one of the casualties. Then move on. Remember that an interview usually only lasts 15-30 minutes! You can remain positive and upbeat for that long! All the best @Leanne.

  • Leanne S.
    Leanne S.

    Hard to stay positive when your boss cuts your pay in half and demotes your position from lpn to cna yet your license has no issues.

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