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If you're looking for a new way to use your sales skills and experience, be careful when applying for certain job opportunities. Some scammers are looking for people to use unethical sales tactics to draw people into sales scams or pyramid schemes. The great opportunity you found on a career website could be a scam, so do your research and use caution when sending resumes to unknown employers. Following are some of the most popular sales situations to avoid.

Many scammers are using illegal and unethical sales tactics to take advantage of people who use classified advertisement websites such as Craigslist. When someone advertises a vehicle for sale on one of these sites, the scammers hire people to make calls offering sales assistance. If an advertiser accepts the offer, the scammer charges a fee of around $500 to place ads on other free sites. Then the advertiser is out several hundred dollars for something that could have been done for free.

If you enjoy door-to-door sales, you may be attracted to sales positions with home security companies. Many reputable security firms exist, but the industry also attracts scammers. There have been several cases where a home security pitch has been proven to be a scam. Scammers usually want their salespeople to use high-pressure sales tactics to scare homeowners into purchasing expensive equipment they don't necessarily need. Avoid becoming a party to one of these scams by researching potential employers and checking with your state attorney general or consumer protection agency before applying for a job with a company you have never heard of before.

Pyramid schemes have been popular for decades. In this type of scheme, people at the top of the pyramid collect money from those they bring into the organization. Some people are making money, so the company looks legitimate to outsiders. However, people at the base of the pyramid may struggle to earn even a small amount of money, and they are usually pressured to recruit new people to the organization. Stay away from companies that require you to invest in a franchise without showing you any sales data or allowing you to talk to people who have been successful at making sales. Some companies require their salespeople to purchase starter kits or use high-pressure sales tactics to convince people to buy merchandise. Avoid companies promising returns that seem too good to be true, especially if they promise to double or triple your money.

You'll find many legitimate opportunities available in the sales field, but scammers are making it difficult to separate the real opportunities from the scams. If you see an advertisement for a job that requires you to use high-pressure sales tactics or make an investment in a franchise or sales kit, use good judgment when deciding whether to apply or find another opportunity. With a little effort, you can avoid employers who make you use unethical sales tactics and find a job doing what you love.

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  • Frank Carpency
    Frank Carpency
    I started doing work in retail security and I'm now a security consultant for many high profile retail stores. It is definitely rewarding work and when you see the statistics on revenueI'm seriously focused on gaining employment in the security industry. Anything from working the door at a fast paced club to undertaking nightshift at an condominium building really interests me.I'm simply having trouble getting started. Do you have any recommendations?

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