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Preparing for a job interview involves paying close attention to your hygiene, wardrobe and body language. However, job candidates must also rehearse responses to common interview questions if they want to impress hiring managers with their professionalism. Stand out from the rest of the applicants with answers to these questions that revolve around your brand, eagerness and abilities during your next meeting with a potential employer.

"Tell Me About Yourself"

As one of the most common interview questions, this prompt is likely to bring about discussion of work experience and skills. Avoid providing just an overview of your resume when responding. Instead, discuss why you're interested in working for the company, and detail experience that's relevant to the job. If you've applied for a management position, discuss your leadership style, your achievements as a manager and your approach to motivating employees to impress the interviewer. Provide concrete examples of success on the job that relates to the industry.

"What Are Your Strengths?"

Spend time during your job search brainstorming qualities that make you the ideal candidate, and dig deeper to brainstorm examples that illustrate these traits. For example, instead of just revealing your motivation when asked these types of interview questions, provide a specific scenario that shows how your motivation impacted one of your employers. Tie your strengths to skills the firm seeks. Spend time reviewing keywords used in the job description, and focus on strengths desired or required by the company.

"What Are Your Weaknesses?"

This particular question is often tricky for job seekers. While it's unrealistic to claim that you don't have any weaknesses when asked these types of interview questions, you also don't want to reveal any negative aspects of your personality. Detail a weakness that can be viewed as a strength instead. For instance, mention skills you're still developing to show that you're willing to engage in professional development activities. Show your commitment to hard work by revealing that you tend to focus on projects until completion, even to a fault.

"Why Should We Hire You?"

Interview questions such as this one beg candidates to point out what they know about the company. Research the firm thoroughly to identify the company culture, mission and goals so you can align your response. Detail how you want to fully utilize your skills with a company that's focused on growth and development, and show how your experience has prepared you for this opportunity during the job interview.

Put your best foot forward by thoroughly preparing for common interview questions. Job candidates who take the time to research the company and craft customized responses that highlight skills and experience related to the industry can increase their opportunities and eventually land the job.

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