Being in "Awe" is Good for Your Health

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From the beginning of time, awe-inspiring events have sparked human curiosity, led the despondent to become more hopeful and renewed the faith of those that bask in the experience. Consider how awe-inspiring events and a healthy curiosity can offer lifetime advantages to anyone.

Stronger Mental Aptitude

When a person is in awe of nature and life, he can experience a mental transformation as well. Curiosity causes a person to do explore and ponder new concepts by wondering about something, and he can learn more as a result. Children are able to learn quickly and grow because they remain curious about world around them, and they are able to soak up knowledge by maintaining a willingness to learn and explore every day. Being in awe of the world causes people to consider both common knowledge and the mysteries of life. When one loses the zest for learning, the brain stops creating new neural pathways that raise intelligence. However, scientific studies prove that humans can begin creating new neural pathways any age.

A More Positive Approach to Life

The effects of awe-inspiring events and positive emotional experiences on the human body cannot be overstated. Positive emotions also cause initiate the release of uplifting chemicals in the brain and body. Recent studies even suggest that a few awe-inspiring experiences in the course of your life can have a profound effect on your total health and well-being. These positive emotional experiences, no matter how small, can help you develop a brighter outlook on life.

Healing Through Faith and Harmony

Awe-inspiring events have the power to cultivate outer changes if a human is receptive to them. Hope is a powerful motivator that is gained through the observation of awe-inspiring events. When a person has the idea that he has seen something indescribably beautiful, peaceful or miraculous, it can change his life. Religious fervor also influences believers to see the magic in awe-inspiring events and experiences, which can lead to vast psychological and physical benefits for the believer. Through the power of belief and faith in a higher power, people are able to cast healing energy over themselves. When faith is coupled with correct action — and medication when necessary — full recoveries of supposedly incurable conditions may emerge as the new reality.

A greater understanding of nature and its magnificent design, ebb and flow provokes an awe-inspiring feeling that lasts far beyond the moment. As you observe society continuing to advance at a surprising rate across many fields, you can't help but to be in awe of human achievements as well. Have the courage to be in awe and appreciation of the world and its contents, and your mental, physical and spiritual health can improve as well.

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