Detecting the Factors Behind a No Response

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A customer may say no for a variety of reasons, but your goal is to try to turn the tides and make a sale. Fortunately, if you can determine what is behind the no response, then you can manipulate certain factors to better influence sales. Consider some of the reasons that drive a no response from customers.

Lack of Interest

Create engaging sales presentations to hold your clients' attention. If you cannot sell a product with a great demonstration or by promoting a high usability factor, a formerly interested customer may simply say no. A great sales presentation can even circumvent a lack of consumer interest in the products or services that you're selling, so focus on creating a solid sales presentation accompanied with a great sales pitch every time.

Lack of Affordability

Showing that a good product is affordable can make a consumer who previously provided a no response suddenly finalize his purchase. Companies that offer multiple payment methods are more likely to garner higher sales. Offering payment plans whenever applicable can offer hope for a consumer who initially did not believe that he could afford the purchase.

Lack of Clarity

Nobody want to be taken advantage of, and this includes the consumer. If a consumer feels that your service may have hidden loopholes, extra fees or other difficulties, he is more likely to provide a no response. Avoid speaking in technical jargon that can stir confusion and wariness, generating a no response from your clients. Aim to provide clear explanations for any questions that clients may have, and you are more likely to earn their trust through understanding.

Poor Sales Pitch

Even if the product or service that you offer is excellent, a bad sales pitch can destroy your chances of making a sale. Many customers are turned off by a poor sales pitch coming from an agent who wants them to spend their hard-earned money. Spend time crafting a great sales pitch that resonates with all types of customers. If you deal with clients across various demographic populations, you should tailor your sales pitch accordingly to earn more sales.

Not the Right Time

In some cases, now is simply not the right time for a consumer to make a purchase, but he may want to revisit the idea in the future. If you determine that the no response is due to bad timing, you can simply return at a later date to pursue the sale.

Once you detect what is behind the no response, you can take action to overcome customer objections. Don't be afraid to simply ask a client why he objects, because you may be able to offer a solution. Although you may not be able to win over every single potential customer, using some simple methods to snag more sales is worth the extra effort.

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