How to Get a Job as a Sales Manager

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A sales manager job is a leadership role in which you lead a sales force and help it reach quotas or goals each month. As a sales manager, you will also delegate tasks, hire and fire salespeople and assign sales territories. In a large company, upper management usually decides upon sales quotas, but in a smaller company, salesmen may decide on their own goals. Regardless, it is the job of the sales manager to provide training and offer the support and guidance needed for the team to be successful.

The role of a sales manager is very different from that of a sale representative. Unlike a sales person, you need to have a number of management skills in order to be successful. You may be in charge of a large number of people instead of just yourself, so you must be extremely organized and know how to analyze market trends. You may need to close a deal for a sales rep if you see that the deal could be lost without additional support or if the salesperson asks for help. A sales manager can affect a company's bottom line and sales productivity, so you may experience intense pressure to perform from upper-level management.

Once you know for sure you want to be a sales manager, you need to create an action plan. Clean up your resume and include any recent management skills or sales experience you have. Know exactly how much money you need to make, and know your goals.

You can find sales manager jobs on Nexxt, and you can add your location to see opportunities near you. When you start applying for sales manager jobs, you should ensure you have the necessary education required by your potential employer. Most companies require at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, merchandising, communications, public relations, advertising, or a related field. If it has been a while since your received your college degree, you may want to consider taking advanced courses or continuing education classes in sales or management. It is also helpful if you can provide a proven track record in sales. You may be able to work your way up in a company by starting as a salesperson and working toward the job of sales manager, but it can take a long time to work your way to the top, so your determination will be a huge factor to your success. By the time you reach the level of sales management, you'll likely earn somewhere around $60,961 per year, the average salary of sales managers in the US, according to Nexxt's salary center.

The bottom line for any company depends on its sales team, and it is up to a sales manager to ensure the team runs smoothly and efficiently. To get a job as a sales manager, make sure you have the necessary qualifications, education, and experience. It also never hurts to network with the contacts you have made while working in sales.


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article posted by Staff Editor
article posted by Staff Editor

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