How to Stand Out Among the Pack of Sales Job Applicants

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Sales positions offer workers a host of diverse benefits, including stable pay and a comfortable working environment. With sales job competition at an all-time high, however, you need to put your best foot forward when applying to one of these openings. Hiring managers receive innumerable resumes and cover letters for each sales job they advertise, which makes it imperative to pay close attention to your application and eventual interview with the employer's representative.

Your resume and letter of motivation provide an employer with a first look at your candidacy. Of course, it is essential to proofread these documents and look for glaring mistakes before you submit them for consideration. In addition to editing your documents for accuracy, you should also review your submission materials with a critical eye for sales.

As CBS Money Watch underlines, modern recruiters primarily rely on resumes to disqualify candidates who do not provide an ideal match for the position in question and cut down the sales job competition. When you submit your resume for a sales position, tailor it for the requirements of the job. Do not rely on a generic document that you send to each prospective employer, as this strategy is unlikely to obtain you an interview. In order to stand out from the sales job competition, you need to edit and revise your resume to reflect the needs of the employer.

Once you submit your documents to the recruiter for review, you need to prepare yourself for the interview itself. Think of the interview as the perfect opportunity to pitch a new product you believe in: yourself. Review sales questions before meeting with the recruiter, and consider practicing your interview in a mock setting to stand out from the sales job competition. Your preparation technique should not vary, regardless of whether you attend a meeting for a retail position in a boutique or a sales interview for a role within a corporate office environment.

After your sales interview, quickly follow up with your recruiter or interviewer. If you are not provided with contact information during the interview process, ask for a business card before leaving the meeting. By sending an email immediately after your interview, you demonstrate your proactive approach and professionalism, while simultaneously distancing yourself from the sales job competition.

Obtaining a sales job requires patience and an effective job hunting strategy. When you look for hiring companies, try to target positions that logically align with your past experience and skill set. As you apply, take the time to invest in your initial presentation and research the company to learn more about its employees and overall direction. These tools should help you stand out from the sales job competition and obtain the job you desire.


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