How to Tell if a Sales Job Is Right for You

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If you are interested in getting into sales, do not jump in blindly. Unlike many other jobs, a sales job requires passion and a love for what you do every day to succeed and make money. There are many skills necessary to ensure you thrive in sales. Before applying, find out if sales is the right job for you.

You Have Great Listening Skills

You do not have to be the most outgoing person to land a great sales job and succeed. You simply have to enjoy other people. It is often easier for extroverted people to connect with others because they are more willing to talk with them; however, what you really need to succeed in sales is the ability to listen, and many great listeners are extroverts. Listening ensures you hear what the client wants; instead of telling clients what they need, listen and explain how your product fits their needs and wants. When you genuinely listen and show you are interested in other people, the sales come naturally.

Self-motivation Is a Cinch

One of the most important questions you are asked when interviewing for a sales position is “Are you self-motivated?” Think about this question long and hard before you apply for a sales job, because to be a successful sales person, you have to be able to motivate yourself, and keep that motivation going strong. Many sales jobs allow you to create your own schedule and work at your own pace. This type of flexibility has pros and cons. While you have the freedom to make your own decisions and sales, it also means there is not someone every step of the way to push you; if you do not have the drive and motivation to do your job, you fail.

Rejection Is not Scary to You

Rejection is just part of your day with a sales job, and if you cannot handle rejection, it shows rather quickly. If you are afraid of rejection, you are unable to do your job. Before taking a job in sales, understand that rejection is a part of life, and learn to avoid basing your feelings about yourself on other people. When you get rejected or experience a failure, do not let it hold you back from moving forward. Past failures do not indicate failures in the future. When you face rejection, try again with the next sale.

When it comes to choosing a career, the best piece of advice is to love the job you do, and if you have the previously mentioned skills and love selling, sales is the right job for you. With a sales job you truly love, you wake up excited to go to work.


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