Is Your Sales Pitch Keeping Up With the Times?

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The traditional, forceful sales pitch has lost support with modern consumers. Creating a modern sales pitch is essential to maintaining a thriving company in the digital age. Consider some of the methods that sales agents use to make a pitch that is effective in the present.

Holding a Personable Conversation

Many customers are reluctant to indulge in monotone, scripted conversations with salesmen who are pushing products and services, but customers often respond well to a warm conversation with a trustworthy sales professional. You can build rapport with the customer through a personalized conversation to offer a modern sales pitch that resonates with each prospect. Exchange names, and engage in quick, casual conversation to connect with the consumer before delivering a sales pitch. Show greater credibility by mentioning other major clients that your company deals with and displaying your company credentials.

Listening to the Customer

Customers do not want to hear a salesperson drone on about a company, but they are more likely to stay around for a two-way conversation. It is important to spend more time listening to what the customer says than talking if you want to be in the best position to provide help and make the sale. Studying the specifications, possible benefits and risks (if any) of your products and services and is essential to provide the best answer for each consumer’s questions, so every sales professional must know his material well to devise realistic solutions quickly. Be sure to answer honestly to avoid misleading consumers, and you can build rapport and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Providing Solutions to Problems

Studies indicate that nearly two-thirds of customers make purchases to gain solutions to the problems that they face. If you want to deliver a modern sales pitch that conveys high value to the consumer, you must recommend company products and services that offer genuine remedies or solutions. Find out what problems or issues may be complicating the customer's lives so that you can offer only compatible solutions. The modern salesman does not hesitate to go out in the field to cater to customers who are immobile or incapable of traveling to an office.

Using Technology for Convenience and Expansion

It is important to take advantage of the Internet and other technology to amplify your modern sales pitch. Reaching out to customers through online and mobile advertising is a simple way to attract consumers all over the world. Creating a modern sales pitch by using a PowerPoint presentation and a live demonstration is an easy way to deliver your message to crowds of people during business or community events. However, you can also upload a short, eye-catching video sales pitch online so that consumers can watch it anywhere, at any time. Harnessing social media to generate interest and higher traffic to your website, and making small pitches in the form of posts, can lure more customers onto the bandwagon. You can ask loyal customers to upload honest video reviews to post to your website or social media page.

Repeating the same dull monologue is outdated, but creating a no-nonsense, modern sales pitch is in for consumers from every background. With so many companies vying for the customer’s attention, perfecting your sales pitch to keep up with the demands of modern consumers is essential.


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