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Closing calls are one of the last steps before finishing the sale, and this stage in the sales process is as vital as any other. If a closing call is ruined, all the effort that a sales associate uses to snag a sale from a client is lost. It is crucial to make a closing call the right way to avoid sabotaging sales.

Consider Your Tone Of Voice

Believe it or not, your tone of voice while on the line with a client can make him change his mind about the sale. Clients who encounter a bad sales representative during a closing call may back out of the deal without apology. Check your tone, and ensure that your voice is clear and amiable before you make the closing call. If you seem too eager to earn a sale, that can also turn off clients who are reluctant to make a purchase.

Use a Simple Opening Statement

Using the proper opening statements can help you extend the call long enough to make the sale. Simply asking the client if it is a good time to talk may be ineffective. Instead, introduce yourself, then simply ask the client how his day is going so far before you continue with the sales pitch. If the client is in a good mood, continue with the sales call. If not, you may want to reschedule the call for a better time. Once you get a client to stay on the line without pressure, making a sales pitch becomes much easier.

Pitch the Advantages

If a client is uncertain, pitching the benefits associated with products and services can help.
Asking the client if he is aware of the advantages and problem-solving ability that a product provides is one of the closing techniques that can lay the groundwork for a sale. Using powerful, clear statements to support your ideas is essential during the call to gently persuade clients. If your company has won any awards or local recognition, inform the client about those accolades.

Do Not Take the Sale for Granted

Some salespeople make the mistake of believing that once they make a closing call, the sale is guaranteed. Salespeople who come off as overly confident may appear rude or impolite to some customers, causing them to change their minds. If you feel that a prospect still seems to be on the fence, your job is to remind clients of the unique benefits they receive by closing the deal. You can also ask the client directly what he needs to finalize the sale. If clients understand that you're willing to negotiate, some may change their mind and accept your offer.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Like any other profession that requires close contact with people, maintaining a positive attitude is part of the winning formula in sales positions. Salespeople with a great attitude are far more likely to have successful closing calls. Many customers who answer the phone with their guard up may find themselves completely won over by a vibrant salesperson.

Using proper closing techniques can help you succeed during a closing call. Deciding whether to use hard, soft or medium closing methods depends on the client and what you are selling, but proper methods are always necessary.

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