Not Getting Job Interviews? Here Are 6 Reasons Why

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Getting a job is no easy task and some companies don’t respond back, but there are things that you can do to ensure you have a good chance of landing an interview. 

1. Lacking job qualifications  

Understand the jobs you’re applying for. Make sure your credentials line up with what the position is asking for. The issue might be the lack of qualifications, or perhaps you’re overqualified.  

2. Bad resume 

If your resume is difficult to understand, then it has a higher chance of being ignored. Keep things short and sweet about your interest in being hired. Leave just the right amount for the employer to know what you’re made of. 

3. Not enough variation 

Don’t rely on just one place for finding a job. Diversify where you’re looking, register with a recruiter, and reach out to your networking connections, etc.  

4. Not writing a cover letter 

Cover letters are a great opportunity to show why you want the position. By not adding a custom cover letter, your application has a higher chance of being ignored and not standing out.  

5. Research companies 

If mass applying for jobs isn’t working, start looking for specific companies that interest you and then research them. Tailor your resume and cover letter as best you can to honestly fit the company’s standards.  

6. Include the best way to contact you 

Include the best way to contact you—that is professional and include it on your resume. If your email address is not a professional handle, create a new to use for your job search and update your voicemail message if needed.  


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