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Internet marketing is a great way to introduce your products or services to a large audience. Unfortunately that introduction is not enough. Sales results require turning prospects into leads and leads into customers. For better results follow these steps to increasing sales numbers through your Internet marketing channels.

Create Interest

In 2014, many customers look to the Internet first for information, and there is a lot of information out there. In order to compete, your website needs to produce high quality content on a regular basis. Do not limit yourself to one type of content, such as articles or blog posts. Engage all the senses with colorful infographics, instructional videos and fun podcasts. Offer free guides and e-books; everyone likes a freebie. Webinars pair information with focused attention and provide a great opportunity for increasing sales numbers through immediate calls-to-action during the event.

Make It Easy to Respond

The best content in the world does not increase sales without integrated calls-to-action. Make it easy for your visitors to respond. Create visually appealing buttons and eye-catching links. Choose words that advertise perks or emphasize how simple the next step is. The word "free" goes a long way towards increasing sales numbers by moving potential customers onto the next step.

Hold Attention

The landing page is the single most important part of the online marketing process. This is the page that follows after the visitor hits the call-to-action button or link. If the landing page does not quickly hold the visitor's attention, he is likely to move onto something else. Make sure your landing page clearly presents what the link promised with benefits and rewards spelled out succinctly. This is where the prospect becomes a lead by choosing to continue in the process, giving you enough information to send future advertising his way. Increasing sales numbers requires an uncluttered landing page with information presented simply without confusion.

Perfect Your Forms

Every landing page needs a perfect form to gather just the right amount of information about those leads. Start the process by incorporating visuals designed to draw the attention to the form. Then keep the form simple. Use the minimum number of fields to get the information required. Select big, easy-to-read fonts and clean lines, and avoid anything that could seem overly intrusive or confusing.

Turn Leads Into Sales

Once you have that visitor's information, you are nearly there. The next step is carefully developing his interest through a campaign of emails. Avoid becoming spam by pacing emails and continually including new, useful information. A general guideline is to limit emails to no more than one every five days and to include new, valuable information in at least half of the emails in your campaign. Incorporate appropriate calls-to-action, such as invitations to product demos and webinars or even in-person sales meetings as the relationship develops. Expect to see increasing sales numbers in 30 to 90 days with focused lead development though a quality email campaign.

Turn your website into a hotbed for increasing sales numbers by creating interesting content, incorporating easy-to-use calls-to-action and perfecting your landing pages. Keep forms simple, and follow through with a properly paced email campaign, and watch your numbers climb.


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