Tactics to Gain Local Clients

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For sales professionals, local clients can be a valuable asset. Their proximity enables closer and more familiar relationships, and the potential for references is high. By adjusting your sales and marketing strategies, you can build a local base of clients that boosts your business profile in the region.

One of the main advantages of working with local clients is proximity. Take advantage of this easy access by holding events that are geared toward people who live in your area. Host a grand-opening celebration, for example, and offer special deals for attendees. If you want to focus on people in a specific industry, hold an invitation-only event for local decision-makers. Offer the chance for professionals to network at the event, and make an attempt to foster connections between people with complementary interests. While you market your products and services, you'll also be offering additional value for attendees. Family oriented-businesses might consider holding child-friendly customer-appreciation events that give you the opportunity to develop relationships with the entire family.

Sales is about people, and in general, people like to do business with people they know. If you want to increase your base of local clients, increase your presence in the community. Join community organizations, volunteer at local events, and offer your resources to support community-driven efforts. Don't market your business overtly, but answer with enthusiasm when someone asks about your profession. The increased awareness and positive reputation can do wonders for your company; when someone needs a specific product or service, your name may come to mind.

Many sales professionals use online coupon codes to bring in new leads. Use the same strategy to bring in local clients by offering walk-in-only deals. Take out advertisements, and use your social media platforms to invite people in the community to come in to your business for a special discount or a free item. Choose items that have actual value – if possible, find something that is difficult to source online, such as a free diagnostic session or an in-person consultation. Consider the needs of your potential customers and select discounts that anticipate their needs. Seasonal promotions and holiday-themed promotions are often an effective way to bring in new customers. By requiring an in-person presence, you can draw local clients who may not otherwise have known about your business. When people visit your location, they'll be exposed to your other products and services.

Working with local clients gives you the ability to offer faster, more personalized service – in many cases, it gives you the competitive advantage over impersonal online companies. By taking the time to increase awareness and build a positive reputation for your company, you can bring in more local citizens and create a community feeling.


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