These 5 Skills Could be the Difference Between a Yes and a No

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Companies that invest in the value of training sales managers and representatives often find their sales techniques are more successful because the employees are invested in the products and services as well as the mission and goals of the business. Successful sales, however, also rely heavily on relationships with consumers, which is why it is important to focus on sales techniques and business tactics to create a mutual respect that attracts and retains clients.

1. Stay Organized

Consumers can spot disorganization from a mile away. Avoid losing a sale because you do not have easy access to the product or service line or documents that are necessary to close the sale. Disorganization tells potential clients your delivery of their products and services may be just as chaotic, which is likely to turn many away.

2. Be Reasonable

It is no secret consumers are often skeptical of sales representatives because they assume the goal is to win at all costs. Sales managers and representatives have to counteract this assumption by showing they are reasonable and genuinely interested in providing the customer with the goods and services they need versus overselling for personal and professional gain. Create a relationship with customers to identify their needs so you can customize a solution. These type of sales techniques can win you the sale naturally.

3. Provide Clarity to Your Customers

Sales techniques in the past may have involved confusing the potential buyer to make the sale, but customers crave clarity and honesty. Focus on how you can better describe your services and products versus using vague language designed to confuse and frustrate the customer. Consumers are much more knowledgeable and spend time researching multiple vendors before buying. Stay in the game by taking the time to inform your potential clients.

4. Be Dependable

Avoid using empty promises to gain a sale. Instead, focus your sales techniques on proving you are dependable. Clients who request more information should hear from you quickly with a comprehensive report or overview of what they need. Fulfill their needs to gain the sale and attract a lifelong customer.

5. Show Your Charm

Charisma is a necessary trait when initiating sales techniques. Offer genuine conversation and honest compliments when conversing with clients. Take the time to get to know your clients personally and learn their names to build a relationship. A friendly attitude and approach is what keeps customers coming back, and as a result, your sales number may continue to rise.

Sales representatives must possess certain traits to succeed in the position as well as attract and retain clients. Develop your skills as a people person and show genuine interest in clients to improve your sales record, the company's reputation and your relationships with members of the community.

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  • Rodney Solomon
    Rodney Solomon

    I agree 100%, I have worked with Salespeople and Sales Managers that only believe in the Upsale and getting product out at whatever cost. That may work for a while in up times but if you build trust and clearly define your sales (product/services information) to your clients you will be far more successful in good times and bad times.

  • Greg E.
    Greg E.

    That is what I was built to do!

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