Three Healthcare Jobs You May Not Have Considered

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For many people, the scope of potential healthcare jobs is limited to the most visible personnel: doctors, nurses, and EMTs. If you’re looking to break free from the traditional healthcare positions, however, opportunities abound in a range of organizations. Whether you’re a new graduate or a midcareer professional, you can find healthcare jobs that utilize your healthcare expertise and give you an opportunity to affect clients’ lives for the better.

For many healthcare professionals, the high-stress environment of a hospital or doctor’s office detracts from satisfaction with traditional healthcare jobs. Fortunately, your healthcare background and education are useful in careers that have more patient interaction and less stress. If you’re interested in working with patients to head off health issues before they become serious, becoming a dietician is an ideal choice. The job usually requires a four-year degree in nutrition science or another healthcare-related field and then a minimum of 900 hours of clinical experience.

Dieticians require a mix of food science, health science, and general healthcare knowledge. They work with patients at all stages of health to create customized eating plans designed to solve a particular problem: weight loss, high blood pressure, and diabetes are a few common examples. Using knowledge of the individual’s body chemistry and medical background, a dietician determines the best possible foods for the given goal and puts them together in a balanced plan. Dieticians might be based in a standard healthcare facility, work in a corporation to create healthy meal options, or work in community clinics.

If you’re looking to affect change on an institutional level, a job as a wellness director can provide the opportunity to work with large groups of people. Many large companies are recognizing the benefits of a healthy workforce, including lower insurance costs and increased productivity due to fewer sick days; as a result, they are implementing wellness programs and opening up job opportunities for directors. According to a recent story in Hispanic Business, the company ShapeUp is planning to spend millions of dollars beefing up its employee wellness program. By investing in employee health up front, companies can save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Wellness directors spearhead the wellness programs, developing initiatives and incentives to increase the health and well being of an entire corporation or organization. They create motivation for employees to become physically active, sponsor company races, and help provide educational workshops on healthy eating, staying fit at the office, or maintaining work-life balance.

For people who love working with patients but want more one-on-one contact than standard healthcare jobs offer, a patient educator position offers the best of both worlds. Patient educators work with patients, helping them understand treatment options. They ensure that patients are informed about insurance, hospital practices, recovery periods, treatment risks, and follow-up care. As a result, patients can play an active role in their own medical care. When it comes to healthcare jobs, patient educators have rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Whether you’re searching for job opportunities for the first time or looking for a way to parlay your experience into a new position, it is beneficial to consider healthcare jobs that are often overlooked. By marketing the unique parts of your education and experience, you can find jobs that are both personally and professionally fulfilling.


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