Three Questions to Ask in Sales Job Interviews

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Asking relevant interview questions can help you demonstrate your interest in a sales job and give you an edge over other candidates interviewing for the same position. It also shows that you have done your research before the interview, which can help you build credibility with recruiters and hiring managers. Before interviewing for any sales position, review these interview questions and have them ready when it is time to discuss a job opening with a recruiter.


One of the first interview questions to ask has to do with your sales quota. Asking the recruiter what your sales quota will be if you are hired for the position shows that you are a forward-thinking candidate, ready to meet established sales goals. Asking how many employees actually meet that quota is a good follow-up question, as it will help you determine if the goal is too high, too low, or just right.


Forbes contributor Lisa Quast says that some candidates do not get the jobs they desire because they do not do enough preparation for the interview. Practicing your interview questions ahead of time is just one way to increase your chances of making a good impression. Quast says that understanding the requirements of the job will help you show the recruiter that you made an effort to prepare, so be sure to ask the interviewer if you did not understand something in the job description. For example, if you do not understand the commission structure outlined in the job description, ask for clarification. This shows the interviewer that you read the job description in its entirety.


One of the most important interview questions to ask has to do with how sales managers motivate members of the sales team. Asking how managers motivate their staff will give you a good idea about the working environment you will be exposed to if you are hired for the sales job. If the interviewer talks about incentive programs, sales team retreats, and other rewards, this is a good indication that managers use positive reinforcement to motivate team members. If the interviewer gives a vague answer or no answer at all, there is a chance that sales managers use negative reinforcement to get members of the sales team to produce results. This is one of the interview questions that can help you determine if a potential employer is a good fit for your personality.


Many interview tips focus on preparing answers to your interviewer's questions, but you also need to prepare your own questions for each interview. Use these interview tips to ask relevant questions that can help you get the information you need from recruiters and hiring managers. These interview questions can also help you demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to the company, which could help you land a job.


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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Wow! This is really a great discussion. Thank you so much for stopping by. Asking questions during an interview is really important. If you do good research before the interview, you should have an idea about who the company is, what challenges they are facing and have some thoughtful questions ready.
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    syble w
    Interesting Questions
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    tricia p
    Solid questions from the candidate make the interview so much more productive and conversational. Great article!Thanks,Tricia
  • Tamara C
    Tamara C
    Thank you! Very good information...
  • John B
    John B
    Good suggestions!!  here's another one, possibly:  How do you feel about this position on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest)  How could this be a "10"?
  • Lukmon B
    Lukmon B
    This article came to me as a surprise package because am attending an interview tomorrow, July 9. It is higly educative and informative. I found it very useful.
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    Very helpful
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    very helpful. especially the question on how they motivate! will use this information next time I apply for a position!

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