What CRM Means for the Connected Age

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In the age of instant connections through social media, websites and mobile technology, customer relations are more important than ever when growing a business and keeping an established company strong. Customer relationship management provides a way for your sales force to track and build a firm customer base. CRM software is important in the following three key areas for business growth in the connected age.

A Unified Customer Experience

CRM software keeps track of each customer interaction so your company representatives can provide a unified front in every future interaction. Contemporary customers expect knowledgeable sales and support staff who remember who they are and how they interacted with your company in the past. CRM analytics provide each member of your organization with access to the information they need to give customers a cohesive experience.

CRM software allows you to treat each customer to a personal experience reminiscent of a small-town business regardless of the size of your customer base. This leads to the growth of deeper customer relationships for better customer retention. A secondary advantage is a likely increase in positive mentions online, fostering further growth in your customer base. Customer relationship surveys show a 32 percent increase in sales and a 40 percent increase in customer satisfaction with the implementation of CRM software.

A Unified Sales Force

CRM software gives your sales team the information they need to meet sales targets. Sales team members have access to information to improve their communication inside the company and with present and future customers. Built-in lead and routing components automatically provide team members with information about potential clients for faster follow up and more sales. Mobile access to information and more automated processes increase sales when team members are out of the office. No one needs to wait for information. The CRM analytics provide the data each salesperson needs to do the job well.

A Unified Business Model

An organized database of customer profiles linked with every customer interaction provides a wealth of information about your customer base. CRM software provides information to every department in your organization to help each one do its job better. Customer data helps marketing departments create targeted campaigns to catch the eye of customers similar to your typical market or, alternatively, to break into new markets that are underrepresented in your current clientele. Research and development teams use the data to create new products or services to extend business quickly and to fine tune current products to better meet customer requirements.

In the connected age, CRM software provides the information and tools needed to manage customer interactions and build better customer relationships. CRM programs help every member of your team work toward unification in every area, from a single customer interaction to your entire business process.


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