What Do Millennial Men Want?

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As of 2017, millennials make up the largest percentage of the U.S. population, which means they have a big impact on the retail industry. Retailers have already begun catering to the millennial generation, but many still struggle when it comes to meeting the specific needs of millennial men, who shop much more than men of the baby boomer generation. Here are some tips for meeting the needs of men of the millennial generation.

1. Unique, Comfortable Clothing Choices

Millennial men don't want to dress like the "older" guys in their neighborhoods or at the office, so plain white shirts and khaki pants are out. This generation of men is definitely into fashion but is even more interested in expressing unique styles. Retailers must expand their inventory of men's clothing, offering modern fashions with bolder colors and unique prints that stand out. Comfort is also very important to millennial men, so clothing made with cotton, linen or woven materials is more likely to fly off the shelves than items made with polyester or acrylic.

2. Convenience

One thing millennial men have in common with men from the baby boomer generation is they don't want to go to 10 different stores to find the items they need. They greatly value convenience, whether they're shopping online or at a physical retail store. One-stop men's shops are sprouting up all over the country and online, and these stores are exploding in popularity. They offer everything from complete outfits to fashionable accessories and shoes. Many of these stores also offer assistance with putting complete outfits together, making them extremely useful for men who don't have an eye for fashion. Men of the millennial generation want convenience and don't mind paying a bit extra to get it, so retailers that adopt the trend of creating a one-stop shopping spot for men can easily boost sales.

3. Beauty Products

Millennial men are much more interested in beauty products than men of previous generations. Nice skin, soft, well-groomed beards and luscious hair are important to millennial men, and beauty retailers are beginning to expand their product lines to accommodate them. Beauty kits for men have started to become quite popular in recent years, and retailers that continue to expand their beauty offerings for men will have an edge over their competitors. Millennials are also known to shop with retailers that support causes they care about, so companies that create organic, cruelty-free beauty products for men stand to gain even more of an edge over their competition.

Millennial men have different wants and needs than men of previous generations, and retailers must strive to meet their demands if they want to remain competitive. The entire retail industry has already shifted, paying more attention to the millennial generation. However, it's important for business owners to cater to the specific needs of millennial men if they truly want to stay in the game.

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