You Could Ruin Your Interview With These Unprofessional Habits

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You have an impeccable resume and are lining up interview after interview with respectable employers. After each job interview, you wait to receive an offer, but the rejection letters start showing up in your mailbox. Before you set off to another unsuccessful job interview, make sure you're not guilty of any of these unprofessional habits that could hurt your chances of landing the job.

1. Showing Up Late

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your job interview to allow for traffic, parking and other issues. Arriving late makes you appear irresponsible and unprofessional.

2. Dressing Poorly

Pull out your professional attire for every interview you attend. Research the company culture beforehand to determine how the company's current employees dress for work.

3. Being Overbearing

Don't monopolize the job interview by asking a slew of unnecessary questions, and never assume you have the job. Ask a few thoughtful questions that show your interest in the position.

4. Arriving Unprepared

Research the organization before your interview so you have some background knowledge, and gear your responses to suit the organization's needs. Come prepared with insightful questions, and bring several copies of your resume.

5. Skipping a Meal

Don't let your nerves get the best of you. Eat a healthy breakfast prior to your job interview so you feel alert and focused on your responses.

6. Demonstrating Bad Hygiene

Make sure you're freshly showered before heading to an interview, and your fingernails are clean and your hair is neatly combed. Never smoke or drink alcohol directly before a job interview.

7. Offending the Interviewer

Avoid the temptation to tell dry or sarcastic jokes, as they make you seem rude. Never swear or interrupt the interviewer.

8. Embellishing the Truth

Most employers do background checks or call references, so never lie about a previous position or exaggerate your job duties. Be honest about your reasons for leaving a previous position.

9. Talking Too Much

Even if the interviewer is friendly, don't become too comfortable or chatty. Maintain a polite, professional demeanor.

10. Displaying Bad Body Language

Keep good posture throughout your job interview, and avoid nervous habits, such as bouncing your leg or fiddling with a pen. Maintain comfortable eye contact with the interviewer, and smile naturally.

11. Acting Shy

Even if you're nervous, display confidence throughout the interview. Don't rush through your responses; take the time to answer questions thoroughly and sell yourself.

12. Exhibiting a Negative Attitude

Avoid any kind of negative conversation. Never badmouth a former boss or colleague, and don't complain about previous job duties.

When the job search starts to stall, it's easy to become disappointed, discouraged and dejected. Don't let these feelings affect your next job interview. Evaluate your interview skills to make sure you're not committing any of these 12 unprofessional habits.

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  • Lori M.
    Lori M.

    Practice your answers in a mirror

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Alexis Graves thanks for your comment. We are all nervous during an interview. It's because of the unexpected... what will he ask me. You need to practice. Get a trusted friend to help you. Have your friend ask you some questions that the interviewer might ask and then record it. That way you can see how you look and how you act. It's a great eye opener. When you go to your next interview, force yourself to not speak until asked a question. Then only answer the question. If you practice this prior to the interview, it will help. Once you relax, you can open up a little bit but you are probably right that talking to much is not a good tactic. All the best.

  • Alexis Graves
    Alexis Graves

    I talk to much and show that I am nervous how to get over that is hard to over come. I have not gotten the job I think because of it.

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