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Sears is known for the quality of their Craftsman tool line and their lifetime guarantee. They are also known for their signature line of Kenmore appliances. They aren’t known for their fashionable apparel. 


But this year, Sear’s fall line will take fashion to a whole new level. According to an article in Forbes, “Sears Apparel, A Bright Spot At Struggling Chain, Reveals Sneak-Peak of Fall Fashion Mix,” Sears Fall apparel includes lingerie a la Victoria’s Secret from well-known designers such as Bongo and Kardashian, trendy clothes for full-figure juniors and updated military styles for fashionistas. Sears may have been your mother’s (or grandmother’s) favorite store that had everything, but they are out to become a fashion force to be dealt with.


Sears’ fashion apparel has been doing well for the retail department store chain, boosting sales for the last six quarters, due to its new fashion designer lines. It has also gotten a boost from JC Penney’s failed attempts to reinvent its brand. Changing its image is a tough battle, though. Getting the 18- to 24-year olds to choose Sears over The Gap or Banana Republic will be a tough sell.


Older workers can feel Sears’ pain. Job seekers 50 and older have to “rebrand” themselves to compete with a younger, more tech savvy applicant pool. Just like Sears, who is identified with an older generation, older workers are seen as less computer-oriented, inflexible and unable to accept change at a fast pace. 


Just like Sears, older workers have a lot of experience and a strong work ethic that are highly sought after in today’s job market. They are reliable and take responsibility seriously. No entitlement generation, they don’t expect to be the boss after six weeks with a salary increase to boot. In order to win at the employment game, older workers can take a few tips from Sears.


Older workers need to shed their “older” image by updating their look. Fashionable clothing, a new updated hairstyle, and a trip to the salon can make you look and feel younger. You may want to try Sears’ new apparel lines for starters. 


Sears took advantage of their competition’s weaknesses. In an interview, stress how a more experienced and season applicant is better suited for the job. Give examples of accomplishments specific to the new job’s requirements and responsibilities. Be and look professional in everything you say and do. Use your wealth of life experiences to build rapport, listen and relate to the interviewer. Help her see how you would fit in the position. 


Sears is all about affordability. Older workers may not have the student loan debt, expensive smartphones or tastes that younger workers have. With starting salaries lower, older workers may be more affordable, since they may already have savings from a previous job, a home, paid-off car and lower insurance rates. Even with salaries the same, older workers offer a better return on the investment.


Rebranding isn’t just for retail stores. After a layoff or downsizing, coming back into the workforce after 50 can be tough. But with a little ingenuity, strategy and updating of your resume, and look, you’ll be able to come back stronger than ever. 


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  • Lisa D
    Lisa D
    After reading this article, I feel more empowered by my experiences & expertise. If you think youthful & on trend, your confidence will be a benefit to any age customer.

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