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Yes, it’s a tough job market right now, but seniors have a leg up over many candidates—they’ve been there and done that. They have the maturity, the skills and the experience to do the job. And many are eager and willing to continue working or jump back into the workforce.

The US Department of Labor notes that more seniors than ever (ages 65 to  90) are working now. Here are the top 7 jobs you should look into:
  1. Freelance writer. I know this one because I’ve seen it first hand.  Many of my fellow writers are much older—in their 60s and up. They’re earning a good living doing all sorts of writing and blogging. Thanks to the Internet, opportunities abound and are not limited by your location or age. 
  2. Consultant. You’ve built up quite a number of skill sets and knowledge in your particular field during your 9 to 5 job. Now that you’re retired, you can still sell what you know as a consultant. Use all your old contacts and mine the Internet for consultant jobs. Keep in mind, too, that as a part-time consultant, you can charge hourly rates and bring in the same or even more money than you did when you worked full-time. 
  3. Caterer. If your family and friends are constantly praising your meals and desserts, you can turn your culinary skills into cash after retiring from your full time job. Many retirees have started their own catering businesses. Of course, you don't have to start your own business; you can always offer your services to local catering concerns. It lets you prepare all those delicious creations and desserts without the hassles of accounting, business loans and marketing costs.
  4. Floral Assistant. Like the caterer route mentioned above, if you’re constantly being praised for your floral arranging skills, you can put that artistic ability to work after retirement. Local florists are always looking for extra help around the holidays and Valentine’s Day. Approach them a week or so before with samples of your floral arranging abilities.  Flexible schedules and a knack with flowers make this an ideal job for retirees.
  5. Tour Guide. If you’re like most seniors, you’ve traveled the world and taken in a lot of knowledge about popular locations and cultures. You’ve seen the museums and wonders of the world others have yet to experience. And just by making it to 65 and beyond, you’ve witnessed a lot of world history unfold in your lifetime.  All of which makes you an ideal candidate for tour guide. Many tourist attractions are led by seniors on buses, open air vans and trolleys, so you don’t have to walk if you tire easily. 
  6. Temping. Many retirees, are signing on with temp agencies to fill in for employees who are on vacation or maternity leave, or to help out with short-term projects or holiday overloads.
  7. Retail Jobs. These positions are becoming increasingly popular with seniors. If you have any kind of management or supervisory experience, you can usually hit the ground running in these positions. These jobs offer flexible schedules and plenty of social interaction. 

Post retirement jobs are out there. And chances are you’re more than qualified. You just have to apply yourself and be patient with your younger boss. 



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  • Alex Kecskes
    Alex Kecskes
    Thanks, George for your detailed and incisive comments. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks, too, to Jeanette. I hope you find a job that suits your talents and abilities.
  • George F
    George F
    YES, I strongly agree with Alex Kecskes's article regarding the advantages that we, senior job seekers, have over a younger population, at the present time.I am 66 years old, semi-retired, with a collected professional experience of almost 40 years in diverse areas of computers, information technology, electronics-telecommunications, and technical instruction-training at College level.I have realized that at my age, in this stage of my life, I do have several advantages in comparison with younger job seekers, they are:1 - I am completely FREE. I do not have a schedule to follow or work responsibilities to take for.2 - I have TIME. I have 24 hours, every day, to do whatever I want or like.3 - I can dedicate my FREEDOM and unlimited TIME to whatever activity I choose to do.Aren't these great advantages..? Not many individuals can say they have them. It takes almost a life-time to actually get to this point. Isn't it true..?Now, talking about personal image and self-assurance, I have found that, at this time in my life, I do have several invaluable advantages:1 - RESPECT: I notice an actual increase in the level of respect and acceptance from other people, both mature and younger, in professional and social environments. I talk, they pay attention and listen (well, I am teacher any way..!)2 - ACCEPTANCE: A lifetime's developed people's skills allow us to efficiently interface and connect with all kinds of people, and are easily accepted.3 - KNOWLEDGE: All that life-time's collected knowledge about many diverse subjects, places and situations, make us interesting and valuable for other people. We can actually talk about any topic and with sufficient authority.4 - EXPERIENCE: Because "we have been there and done that", our extensive experience allows to gain a nice level of authority. People seek our advice and points of view. We have become valuable, not just professionally, but socially.5 - SELF ASSURANCE: If we have made it here, safe and sound, after a considerably long life, the rest is easy. We project confidence among other people, because we know how life works, based on our own life-long experiences that are "the good, the bad, and the ugly."At this stage of our lives, that is 60+, if we are blessed to have good health and living a decently comfortable life, we are finally ready to enjoy the rest of our days.After considering all the previously listed MATURE AGE ADVANTAGES, we are ready to live even a better life.Now, I understand the term; "THE GOLDEN AGE." It is absolutely true..! We have never being better equipped in our lives, with all these great advantages.I am 66 years old, and I am so excited to do many of things I have been holding on, professionally and personally.I feel perfectly capable to pursue a Consulting career; to continue with a teaching position at College level; getting involved in Solar Energy and Wind Power generation; pursue International Marketing activities; etc.I have just completed SEVEN professional Information Technology courses and obtained the corresponding official certifications, which I never had the time and opportunity to do. Now I am professionally certified and became more valuable for potential employers. It is just matter of the simple principle of added -value.To finalize my comment, actually FREELANCING is a great idea, and may be the perfect approach to be free and at the same time make very decent amount of extra money, in addition to our retirement income.It is great to feel OLDER and CAPABLE. Have a nice life..!      
  • Jeanette J
    Jeanette J
    This article is encouraging to newly retired persons such as myself. Thank you for the guidance.

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