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There is a saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” When you find a job, career, or business that you truly love—one that you would do even if no one paid you—work is no longer work. It’s more a pleasure or a passion. So, how do you find a job or company that can make you feel like you’re not really working at all? One way is to find a company that offers the type of work and environment that you admire. 


Whether you’re fresh out of high school, college or graduate school, it’s worth the effort to make a list of companies where you’d like to work. For starters, you can check out some companies listed in an article by Adecco, “Most Admired Companies by Millennials Ages 18 – 24.” The companies come from Fortune Magazine’s Annual Report of the World’s Most Admired Companies. If you want to make a career in retail, some of the companies are the biggest and most innovative in terms of products, branding and marketing.


At the top of the list is Apple. With its iEverything products, top salaries, fun work environment and an iPhone for every employee (and more of their high-tech gadgets), who wouldn’t want to be part of this innovative company? Just the opportunity to get on the company’s stock plan is a ticket to a secure future. Just be one of the best and brightest, and you’ll have a chance.


Google is second on the Most Admired List, but first on the best places to work. Again, its fun work environment, innovation and opportunity make it most desirable. Google values its employees by encouraging all levels to share ideas on how to make the company better. Of course, the free meals, bike repair and education reimbursement program cater to a millennial’s lifestyle. It also keeps people working and loyal. While many companies carefully monitor absence from work, Google offers employees unlimited sick days. Just another way of putting people first. The policy also keeps sick employees home so that the rest can stay well.


Amazon, the largest online retailer, comes in third on the list. A well-respected brand name, financial stability and a reputation for excellent leadership make it a desirable place to work. It’s ever expanding product  and service lines have something to excite just about every job seeker. 


Coca-Cola’s social consciousness makes it number four on the list, and appeals to millennials’ sense of community and service. A well-respected brand, diversification, and a global marketplace offer an unlimited amount of opportunity and growth. Coca-Cola is known for its efforts in sustainability, a huge focus for today’s socially-conscious worker. The company has also taken a proactive approach to health issues concerning soft drinks and snack foods. 


Starbucks comes in at number five on the list. While it’s taken a beating in years past, closing stores and laying off workers, it still remains a darling of the 18-24 crowd who speak Starbucks like a second language. Like Coca-Cola, it supports a number of causes, has an attractive work environment and fits a more laid-back lifestyle and values.


When buying stocks, it’s good advice to buy stock in companies you admire; whose products you like and use all the time. The same goes for picking a company to work for. Why take a job at a company you know nothing about or aren’t passionate about, just because of a title or a paycheck? That’s too much like working. Find a company you admire, whether it’s on this list or one of your own making. Choose well, and you’ll never “work” a day in your life.


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  • Mary Nestor-Harper
    Mary Nestor-Harper
    Thanks, Mary.  The article was focused on the millenials, 18 to 24 crowd, so it was all about young people.  I'll be writing about the over 50 crowd in future articles.  Thanks for your comments.
  • Mary R
    Mary R
    I find this article very informative and believe it or not,  I learned something new!
  • Sandy H
    Sandy H
    Seems to focus only on the young people. How about the over 50 crowd thats been laid off looking for jobs?
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